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艾米:Welcome @reggie,I am very happy to communicate with you.

Reggie:Same here,Hey! Great to be here and thanks for having me, look forward to chatting with everyone!

艾米:About Raghav Reggie Jerath(Reggie)

Reggie is a serial entrepreneur, leadership and management professional and an accredited chartered manager from the Chartered Management institute.

Reggie has scaled startups from idea to growth stage with revenues reaching as high as 200,000 USD per month.

He has lead teams varying from ten to two hundred people of a multidisciplinary background. His career also includes stints at MSLgroup and other large integrated agencies where he handled medium to large scale public, private and NGO accounts.

He is a firm believer and practitioner of the hersey-blanchard situational model of leadership.

Reggie, Gath3r FOUNDER&CEO, 连续创业者,极具领导力及管理能力,英国特许管理学会(Chartered Management institute)认证特许经理。在Reggie的经营下,公司已从初创阶段进入成长阶段,如今公司每月营收高达20万美元。Reggie领导过规模从十人到两百人的团队,团队成员来自不同专业领域。他的职业生涯还包括在明思力集团(MSLgroup)等其他大型综合机构任职。行为学家保罗·赫塞博士和肯尼思·布兰查德提出的“情境领导理论”的坚定信徒和实践者。

可否用通俗易懂的语言说一说,Gath3r在区块链世界里解决了或者想要解决什么问题?Can you explain in a way that is easy to understand, what problems does Gath3r solve or want to solve for the blockchain industry?

Reggie:For sure,

Gath3r solves two distinct problems:

Gath3r 主要解决两大问题:

1)For websites/applications we provide an additional/alternative form of non-intrusive form of monetization via web-mining


2)By Combining web-mining and Merged Mining Gath3r is able to provide additional hashrate to Auxiliary and other blockchains, which helps improve security, provide additional proof of work for other blockchains

通过整合“浏览器挖矿”和“合并挖矿”功能,Gath3r 可以提高哈希值、提升安全性,并提供POW挖矿服务。

艾米:Awesome,Considerable:) With translation version:)

Reggie:Hah, thanks! We are lucky to be working with a great team and partners! 🙂


What is crypto mining with a web browser?

Reggie:It’s a new way to monetize websites that can be an addition to or replace monetizing a site with display advertising. It enables websites to earn from users who simply browse a site with our code embedded in it to mine cryptocurrencies with their unused computing power, called a CPU or GPU, which stands for computer processing unit and graphics processing unit.

这是一种可以代替接广告投放,使开发者通过网站获利的新方式。 它能在访问网站的用户浏览器中嵌入代码,利用其未使用的算力(CPU或GPU,代表计算机处理器和图形处理器)来挖加密货币。

艾米:so cool , the next question。什么是合并挖矿?What is Merged Mining ?

Reggie:Merged mining is the process of allowing two different cryptocurrencies based on the same algorithm to be mined concurrently. This allows low hash powered crypto currencies to increase their hashing power by bootstrapping onto more popular crypto currencies, as well as increasing chain security for both networks.



What’re the key features and highlights of Gath3r.

Reggie:1)Merged Mining with the combination of Web-mining


2)loyalty program where the rewards for mining will promote user loyalty and incentivize more time spent on participating websites, which can be added into a web based staking wallet, earning users interest.


3)Publisher payouts in BTC, GTH or bank transfer where supported


4) Paywall Program that will allow webmasters to collect payments in Gath3r coins in lieu of website mining.


5) Masternodes: Master nodes serve as the main servers with the proof of work web lite nodes constantly syncing with the Masternodes.


6) Interoperable smart-contracts – Smart Contract capability permits the interoperabilty of block chains through Gath3r and private masternodes. All child chains created out of Gath3r inherit the interoperable smart contracts


Here is a picture that highlights the usecases as well


艾米:用Gath3r可以挖什么代币?What coins can be mined with Gath3r?@reggie

Reggie:When our code is embedded on a site, the users will be mining Gath3r, but will also help secure all auxiliary chains on Gath3r, such as Luxcore . So they will get both Gath3r coins and whichever coins are merge mining with Gath3r. This increases profitability without increasing the cost. 当我们的代码嵌入到网站上时,用户可以挖Gath3r的同时,也可以支持所有基于Gath3r的附属链比如Luxcore。所以他们会同时获得Gath3r代币和他们用Gath3r挖的任何其他代币。这样以来,在不增加成本的情况下,提高了盈利能力。

艾米:Gath3r是什么时候开始筹划,过去一段时间,Gath3r都做出了哪些成绩,有哪些值得分享的Milestone?When did Gath3r start? What achievements did Gath3r has been made in the past? Can you share with us some valuable Milestones of Gath3r?@reggie

Reggie:Gath3r started unofficially at the end of 2017 and officially at the started in March of 2018 with seed round in April 2018, Notable milestones include: Web-miner MVP complete in August 2018, 200 Beta subions for Web-miner, Partnerships with established blockchain projects such as Aion’s Metalyfe and Luxcore, Selected as Rise Alpha Hong Kong Startup 2018,


里程碑事件包括:2018年8月完成“浏览器挖矿”MVP;“浏览器挖矿”200个种子用户测试;达成合作伙伴关系例如Aion旗下Metalyfe和Luxcore;入围2018年Rise Alpha Hong Kong Startup 。

艾米:7. Gath3r的核心团队构成情况如何?为什么你们能把这个项目做成功?

Can you introduce more about Gath3r’s team structure and team members? What’s the main reason do you think makes Gath3r success?@reggie

Reggie:For sure,Our team and advisors come from many backgrounds and each have background in companies such as KPMG, Deloitte, MSL group, Publicis group, Opera (the browser) and NCR. Our core team is made up of serial entrepreneurs who know what it takes to make things happen. Our team and advisors also include people who have been working full time worked with other crypto projects in the past such as status and luxcore. Our team’s synergy is one of the main factors contributing to our continued success.

To learn about our team, visit the About section of our website by





(https://gath3r.io/team.html)Thanks! Blessed to have a great team。

艾米:8、Gath3r在Token代币经济模型上是如何设计的?Gath3r代币最核心的价值体现在哪里?How is Gath3r’s token economic model designed ? What is the core value of Gath3r token?Gath3r Coin Utility:@reggie

Reggie:Gath3r Coin Utility:

1) Payment for Smart contracts 智能合约

2) Payment for Merged Mining 合并挖矿

3) Payouts for Loyalty Program 忠诚度计划

4) Payments for Pay-Wall Program 付费墙

5) Staking 代币质押

6) Masternodes 主节点

艾米:9. Gath3r提倡的浏览器挖矿和合并挖矿实际运行效率如何?参与者的具体收益分配情况如何?Are Gath3r’s browser mining and merger mining operating efficiency? How is the income distribution to the participants?

Reggie:The Web-miner has been running for almost half a year and been running well with our beta Participants. The Merged Mining feature is currently in the POC phase and is going through testing, and the initial tests will be run with our beta participants, Metalyfe and Lux. A rewards-based system and loyalty program ties into the merged mining mechanism, allowing miners to increase their cryptocurrency load. By allowing auxiliary chains to use the hash rate of Gath3r’s parent blockchain, there will be no need to switch between blockchains and we will increase auxiliary network protection and the usability of available capacity. To further increase user engagement and promote adoption, Gath3rs loyalty program will be enhanced by the wallet staking capability of the blockchain. Users will receive additional rewards for staking their GTH coins. Staking will provide a financial incentive to help build the Gath3r network infrastructure and helps to keep the nodes honest.



艾米:10. 未来,Gath3r还会有那些布局和发展规划?What’s the overall plan for the near future?

Reggie:The near term plan is to reach Main net and then push for adoption on the web miner and for aux chains as well. Our aim is for sustainable and scalable growth for the ecosystem, which ensures Gath3r grows as well.



Here is an image that showcases what the ecosystem would look like


艾米:These are all our questions today, thank you for sharing.

Reggie:My pleasure!

艾米:Looking forward to it again.

Reggie:Thanks! Same here, were they any questions I could answer?

润雪:How can users make benefit by using Gath3r, besides mining? @reggie

Reggie:We choose coineal considering all factors and keeping in mind, their volume and the size of the userbase, and also the fact that have been established for a while,How can users make benefit by using Gath3r, besides mining? ————– They can set up masternodes, or if publishers and websites choose they can also get coins from the loyalty program – The loyalty program is when a website can choose to share a certain amount of their earnings with their users, addtionally through our partners Lux, those coins can go straight to a web based staking wallet. So you earn coins and interest on those coins for viewing a website or application.

芝麻:What’s the goal for the IEO on 27rd?

Reggie:Our hardcap for Coineal is quite low – 1M USD, so it’s to raise as much as we can. You can sign up on coineal,our banner is on the front and on the launchpad page now,I love questions, go for it!Hah, nope i’ll answer as many as I can.hahahah, we are targeting other listing for sure, Yes, sadly Coineal has choosen to ban Mainland China, but not Hong Kong.

丫丫:@reggie After listed on Coineal Launchpad, what’s the plan for next step? Will GTH be listed on other exchanges?

Reggie:Yes, we have plans to list on more exchanges for sure, maybe 1/2 more.

Cindy:When the trading will be open after IEO listing?

Reggie:what projects are your competitors? what’s Gath3r advantages in comparison to others – As far as we can tell -there are no other webminers that combine merge mining, However there are web miners such as JSEcoin and Nimiq, and there are projects that support merge mining, Elastos, Veriblock, RSK and the oldest being namecoin. But none of them have combined the web-mining + merged mining = lots of POW for less cost and more profitability,

When the trading will be open after IEO listing? -Apologies, Approximatley the 1st week of June.Not as of right now atleast.and we already have the first customers for the merge mining as well and quite a few websites and applications already signed up with us

Cindy:@reggie Will you consider doing more products? Such as a Crypto wallet?

Reggie:There are actually quite a few things we can do, since the market is so big – over 2.5 Billion websites and applications. So at a certain scale we could do it. Other things we have been thinking about is a self miner, people have asked for the ability to directly mine GTH as well.

Josephine:We are glad to have you here and hope to see you soon!:)

Reggie:Oh for sure, we have very strong treasury and monetary policies in place, since on our team we have people from KPMG and other big 4 firms, so finance side is well covered!Thanks! It was a pleasure to chat to everyone,My pleasure, thank you for having me.









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