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摘 要:“Bitcoin ABC的目标是提供比特币现金所需的基础设施,为世界提供体系更加健全的货币。比特币和稀缺性很强的金一样有很高的价值,同时很便捷,比如手续费低、扩展性强、认证程序快等。”




-Guest info-



Lead developer of BitcoinABC

Melissa:大家好,我是今天的主持人Melissa,来自Pundi X,见到大家很高兴。

I’m Melissa from Pundi X and a host of your interview today 🙂 Nice to meet you!

Amaury是Bitcoin ABC的首席开发者,首先让我们热烈欢迎Amaury的到来。

Amaury is Lead developer of Bitcoin ABC. Thank you so much for being here!

Amaury SECHET:大家好。

Hi @Melissa Kim


Q1. Please introduce yourself to 499 Blockchain Community Korea.

Amaury SECHET:好的。我叫Amaury Sechet,是Bitcoin ABC的首席开发者。Bitcoin ABC是为了运营比特币现金的主要节点软件。我参与分叉,设计共识规则,和矿工们合作,2年内成功完成分叉。

Sure. I’m Amaury Séchet,I’m the lead developer of Bitcoin ABC, which is the main node software used torun Bitcoin Cash. I organized the fork and designed the consensus rules andworked with miners and a few other devices to activate it almost 2 years agonow.


Before working on crypto currency, I was working at Facebook. I did know about Bitcoin at the time but this wasn’t my job. When Bitcoin started to have scaling problems, I thought that I should get involved, because I had a lot of scaling experience acquired working at Facebook.

Melissa:啊哈,我明白了。您连同第二个问题都回答了。第二个问题是“您出于什么考虑放弃脸书的工作进入了区块链行业?”。听您刚刚的讲述,原来您是想解决比特币的扩展性问题。太棒了!好了,第三个问题:您可以简单说一下Bitcoin ABC的前景和目标吗?

Wow I see, it covers the second question “What brought you into Blockchain industry from Facebook?” That wasn’t your job, and you wanted to solve the scaling problems or Bitcoin. That’s really awesome. Could you please let us know Bitcoin ABC’s vision and goal?

Amaury SECHET:2010年我通过比利时的一位博客博主的文章知道了比特币的存在。我被比特币吸引是因为比特币像金子和银子一样有价值,是钱的一种形态;还有它在日常生活中使用起来特别方便。

Amaury SECHET: I learned about bitcoin in 2010 from a Belgian blogger. I was interested by the idea because it was the first form of money that had the desirable property of precious metal but could also be convenient to use.


Wow 2010, really in the beginning.

Amaury SECHET:Bitcoin ABC的目标是提供比特币现金所需的基础设施,为世界提供体系更加健全的货币。比特币和稀缺性很强的金一样有很高的价值,同时很便捷,比如手续费低、扩展性强、认证程序快等。

Amaury SECHET: Bitcoin ABC’s goal is to provide the infrastructure for Bitcoin Cash. The goal is to provide sound money for the world. It must have the good property of precious metal such as gold (scarce, fungible) but also be very convenient to use (low fee, scalable, fast confirmations).


Monnaie de geek, monnaie de singe ?

This is the article, but it is in French, so I’m not sure how useful it’ll be for you all:https://ploum.net/monnaie-de-geek-monnaie-de-singe/


And Next questions is Q4. For crypto beginners, please explain the featres and differences between Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin SV.

Amaury SECHET:当然可以了。比特币是由Bitcoin Core开发者们支撑着。但是这些开发者们对扩展性并没有多大的兴趣,所以比特币的应用每增加一次,其手续费就大幅上涨,并且确认程序也很难信任。开发者们不认为这个问题有多重要,但我们不这么想。Bitcoin Core是一个品牌,经过长时间的积累打实基础成就自己的品牌。其实这就是我之所以进入比特币世界的理由。

Sure. Bitcoin is led by the Bitcoin Core developers. They are not very interested in scaling, as a result, every time there is an increase in usage, fee becomes very expensive and confirmation un reliable. The developers do not think it is a problem but we do. It is the biggest because of historical brand recognition but has deviated from the reason I was interested in bitcoin to begin with.


Bitcoin Cash forked from Bitcoin almost 2 years ago. We changed a few consensus rules to make it more scalable. As a result, you can trust that transaction stay cheap and reliable.

Bitcoin SV曾经试图合并BCH不过失败了。Bitcoin SV向他们的追随者承诺不会有利益分裂,是精明的骗子。实际上,他们并没有真正了解这项技术是如何运作的,因此它们被拆分了,即使如此,骗子们假装自己所有的流程都是正当的,它能持续一段时间,是因为他们的资金来自亿万富翁卡Calvin Ayre。

Bitcoin SV is a failed takeover attempt of BCH. It is led by conmen who promised their follower that there would be no split. However, they did not really understood how the technology works and so they were split off and now pretend it was all intentional. They are mostly incompetent, but it lasts for some time because they are well funded by billionaire Calvin Ayre.

这些人大部分都是犯罪分子。 Calvin Ayre曾经是联邦调查局最想要的罪犯,并参与了未成年女孩和矿井洗钱事件。 他们最终导致了侵害协议安全的共识值。BSV区块链上有儿童色情片,所以如果你经营一个节点,你就可主持和分发儿童色情片。我不了解韩国法律,但这在许多国家这是违法的。他们起诉了许多揭露他们欺诈行为的人(包括我),他们的敌对行动使得许多交易所大规模下架Bitcoin SV。

These people are criminal for the most part. Calvin Ayre used to be on the FBI most wanted list and is involved in stories with underage girls and mine laundering. They ended up increasing several consensus values that made the protocol less secure. There is child porn on the BSV Blockchain, so if you run a node, you are hosting and distributing child porn. I do not know the Korea law, but this is illegal in many countries. They are suing many people who exposed their frauds (including me), and their hostilities ended up causing a mass delisting from many exchanges.


Sorry it was a bit long, but this is the nature of successful scams: they take longer to expose than it takes scammer to tell a nice story.

Melissa:比特币的手续费有增加。我同意您的意见。原来BSV区块链上有这么多的故事…..仔细想想,交易所下架似乎很自然。真的很感激您如此详细地解释! 它有助于初学者充分了解历史。

Bitcoin fees are going up, I agree with your opinion. There were a lot of stories on the BSV Blockchain…didn’t know that much. Delisting just seems natural when we see them. Really appreciate detailed explanations! It helps beginners fully understand the history. I’ll go next.


What do you think about the scalability issue? After hard fork, do you think it could solve all problems? Please share us how the development has been proceeding.

Amaury SECHET:当然可以了。扩展性就像正在进行的战斗一样。大家都知道,区块链系统很难改善其扩展性问题。有些人认为根据需要可以扩大区块链,但这是一种错误的说法。区块链的大小范围就像是公路的最高限速一样。其实政府是可以讲速度上线定为1000km/h的,但是这并不能保障车辆能够安全行驶。

Sure. Scalability is an ongoing battle. Blockchain systems are notoriously difficult to scale. Some people say that increasing the block size is all you need, but this is wrong. The block size is like the speed limit on a road. The government could change it to 1000km/h tomorrow, but it wouldn’t mean that suddenly car could go that fast and do so safely.


The main problem for scaling is that we need the blocks to propagate over the network and be validated in a few seconds at most. Past that, many problems start occuring. So we are working on various techniques that allows blocks to be propagated faster.


We recently introduced CTOR, which changes the way transactions are stored in a block. Before, they could be in many different orders. Now they must be in a specific order. This is one less thing (the order) that node has to transmit to each other when they find a new block.


We are working on a technology for node to be able to negotiate what the next block is going to look like before it is mined using the avalanche protocol. This will allow node to know about most of the block ahead of time and pre-validate most of it, so when the block is actually mined, nodes have little work to do to transmit and validate it.


That’s really beyond expectation. I am excited to see the development.

谢谢您的解释,接下来让我们进入下一个问题。您怎么看比特币闪电网络(Lightning Network)?

Thank you for the details. then.Q6. What is your personal opinion about lightening network?

Amaury SECHET:比特币闪电网络有很多可用性问题。举个例子,24个小时需要一直联网,因此你需要一直运行服务器,或者找第三方委任去做,但是这个无法实现规模化。

The lightening network has numerous usability issues. For example, you need to be online all the time, so you need to run a server or pay some company to do it for you, which is unlikely to happen at scale.


Second, you need to have your keys on that server, online. This is a big security risk. It is preferable to use technologies such as hardware wallets, or at least encrypted wallets, where you need to type your password when money is sent. If you pay a company to run that server for you, then they will also have your keys and can run-away with your coins.


Finally, Lightnening network has liquidity issues. Sending payment worth more than ~$50 is very difficult as it requires a very large amount of liquidity to be locked in the network.


Finally, payments smaller than the network fees are not secure, so with fee rising, it will become a problem as well.


Overall, I think it’s a clever technology that will find some use case, such as micro-payments, pay as you go type of services. But it will not solve Bitcoin’s scalability problems.


It has usabilitys issues, keys on the server, liquidity and fee issues. I hope beginners also find out this exactly and understand why we need BCH.


Recently, there was an issue about 51% attack of BCH, Can you explain it, and what’s your opinion about it? Many global people wonder about it.

Amaury SECHET:一些人给比BCH打上“攻击”的标签就是想要损害BCH的名声。我先给大家解释一些背景知识,这样有助于理解。比特币展现了一种技术,叫SegWit隔离见证。BCH无法实现这一点。所以,大家可以不用比特币,而把BCH发至segwit地址。

So people branded it as an attack because they want to damage BCH’s reputation. I need to lay a bit of background so that it all makes sense. Bitcoin did deploy a technology called Segwit. Bitcoin Cash does not have this technology enabled. Sometime, people send BCH to segwit addresses instead of BTC.

为了避免这一问题,我们考虑了叫Cash Addr的新地址。但是一部分地址导入该地址时速度很慢(如果你运行一个服务,我会建议你用这个服务)。因为比特币现金没有Segwit,这些币在Bitcoin Cash区块链上不安全,一些不怀好意的矿工也能会有偷币的意图。与此相反,其他矿工孤立和排除问题区块,把币还给拥有正当权利的所有者。

To avoid that problem, we implemented a new address format called CashAddr, but some services are slow to adopt it (if you run a service, I would advise you adopt it, coin-base for instance tells us that it reduced support tickets for confusion between BTC and BCH by more than 80%). Because Bitcoin Cash doesn’t have Segwit, these coins are not secure on the Bitcoin Cash Blockchain and a hostile miners tried to steal many of them. Other miners decided to orphan the block and send the money back to the rightful owners.


I would nto qualify this as an attack, even though a large group of miner decided to orphan a block. It was for the good of the users, and I’m glad, as a user, that miners are willing to do the right thing to defend my interests.


That’s true, sometimes people just attack someone’s reputation.


Great community powers that just send the money back to the rightful owners. really happy to hear that as a person in Blockchain industry.

Craig Wright说他自己是中本聪(Satoshi Nakamoto),对此您怎么看?

What do you think about the insistence of Craig Wright that he is Satoshi Nakamoto?

Amaury SECHET:Craig是不是中本聪,是否值得信任,我们无从而知。但是我知道他之前有诈骗前科,要是我的话,可能不会轻易相信他说的话。

Well we cannot prove that he is not and is a counting on this. But he has a very long history of fraud so I wouldn’t count on it too much.


You can find a collection of his frauds here:



There are so many of them that it is hard to track them all, and this article doesn’t even go to the fraud he did before Bitcoin. You can see for instance that before bitcoin, he wrote a book that is full of plagiarism:



He is a very manipulative individual and created a cult around him.


BSV has been delisted on many exchanges and as a result has very low liquidity. As a result, this is very easy to pump the price. Very recently, there was a rumor that CSW confirmed he was Satoshi to CZ from Binance and that Binance would trade BSV again, but this is wrong.


Yes, Satoshi did not reveal him, but it is strange that it suddenly appears. People don’t want to see someone’s taking advantages from Satoshi.

作为Bitcoin ABC的先行开发者,您认为开发区块链时,最重要的因素是什么呢?还有,您在工作的过程中,有没有什么做起来很难的地方?

As the lead developer of Bitcoin ABC, what is the most important thing to develop the blockchain? Or obstacle you’ve ever had?

Amaury SECHET:其实有很多困难的。说起其中主要的难题的话就是共识代码。如果出现错误的话,会出现链分裂或者其他很严重的结果,它相对于大多数软件来说危险因素更多。

There are many challenges. The main one is probably that the consensus code is very unforgiving. Any error can lead to a chain split or other catastrophic results. The stakes are higher than most software.


We 499Block Korea Community appreciates having you. Thank you so much for your kind and detailed information! Honored to interview you!

Amaury SECHET:非常感谢大家的盛情邀请。你们会在韩国举行见面会或者其他活动吗?我还从来没有参加过。不过看最近加密货币市场最近形势很不错,估计我下几个月要去参加各种大会。另外,我是星际争霸的粉丝,所以准备去看一下KSL。

Thanks to you all. Do you have a meetup in Korea or something? I’ve never been there, but the crypto scene seems active so I may end up going in the next few months. (Also, I’m a huge starcraft fan, so I have to go see the KSL ro ASL live at least once)


You should come Korea for sure. Haha there are many lives of starcraft. Hope to see you soon! Thank you! @Amaury SECHET

Amaury SECHET:非常感谢。

Thanks you all!